Choosing Floral Centerpieces for Weddings

Beautifully arranged flowers will leave a lasting impression on your guests – you will be remembered as having a beautiful wedding.  Your floral centerpieces should complement your wedding or event theme and enhance not only the guest’s table – but the entire room!  You can go elaborate or simple, add candles or edibles – it’s all up to you.   With so many options, here are some basics to take into consideration… 

What makes wedding centerpieces truly stand out is the use of flowers, accessories and foliages of contrasting textures and colors. The mood of the ceremony created by these flowers can vary from a bright, festive spirit to a formal, classy air. Wedding Floral Centerpieces add a sensual blend of fragrance, color and texture to the everlasting memories of a perfect wedding day.


  • Table size and shape – The centerpiece should not be too tall or wide as to prohibit guests from seeing each other and conversing at the table.
  • Venue - Formal arrangements are typically done in florist foam and can be a large “long and low” type of design.  Less formal wedding may include designs that use more “loose” flowers in pretty vases. 
  • Flowers – It is advisable not to use flowers that have a strong fragrance at the table such as some Oriental Lilies. The fragrance (although lovely) can be too strong and may not mix well with the food that you’ve so carefully selected to be served. 

Wedding Table Centerpieces - Red Flowers
Red flowers are colorful and can really make a statement regardless of the season you are getting married.  Flower centerpieces are the most popular type of reception décor; these floral decorations are usually placed at the reception tables, altar, and the buffet line.
Remember, too, wedding Floral Centerpieces can be used as souvenirs for your guests. Thank your guests for coming to your wedding by giving them away as souvenirs.

Containers to fit…..
There are many different types of containers that can be used for wedding centerpieces. Traditional vases can be used, but you can also look for unique shapes and containers for something different. They can be attractively adorned with candles, stalks, leaves, fruits, berries, foliage, ribbons and other embellishments.

Wedding Floral Design Ideas….  Loose flowers

Wedding Floral Centerpieces can be arranged in a big bunch, or kept loose. To enhance the beauty of these flowers, complementary vases can be used. Glass, crystal or silver vases of different shapes look breathtaking, even small glass cubes and big glass bowls look elegant.
Hurricane vases work really well, and other containers like fish bowls, birdcages and bottles can be a lot of fun. A newer trend in wedding receptions is family style wedding tables. This allows you the option to choose rectangular or square containers to hold your flowers instead of the usual round vases.
Want to add some flair?  Consider filling the vases with items like pearls, stones or colored water, and ribbons can also be tied around your containers. Try matching your container with your wedding theme, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

Why not use plants?

Orchids plants and other types of plants make suitable table centerpieces.  Make sure that the leaves of the plants have been treated so that they are bug free.  There is nothing worse than inviting those pesky unwanted guests into your reception!

Match or compliment the Colors….

Table Centerpieces - Pink Roses
The flowers you choose for your Wedding Floral Centerpieces will depend on a few factors.   They can be designed to a theme or according to the type of occasion it is, either a large extravagant party in a hotel or a cozy open-air informal event. You will want to match the color and style you choose to your wedding reception space as well as your wedding colors and other reception decorations.
For a hotel or church wedding, the Wedding Floral Centerpieces arrangement will be more formal. It could match either with the bride’s bouquet, or the rest of the wedding decor. For a more informal outdoorsy event, the flowers could be arranged to contrast or complement the natural surroundings. Know more about flowers and their colors, like pink lilies, red roses, purple clematis, white tulips, blue hydrangea and more…

Know the Seasons
The season that you are getting married can also impact what flowers are easily available.  If you are using a wedding theme you will want to make sure the flowers you select fit in nicely. Wedding Floral Centerpieces can be made up of seasonal flowers, fresh flowers, dried flowers or silk flowers.

Buy Online!
Flowers can be one of the most expensive components to the wedding décor.  Since DIY is all the rage these days, why not order your flowers online and save some money? Flowers that come direct from the farm are usually priced at wholesale.  Even if you do not consider yourself the “designer” type, there are plenty of videos that can walk you through the Design It Yourself process step by step, view one here!.  You can also order a complete “wedding in a box” – where the design and hand-assembly is already done!   The design, packing and fast shipping of fresh flowers have come a long way in the last decade so you can be assured that you will receive outstanding quality.  What could be easier and more budget friendly?
   (Design It Your Self – Red Roses)

Work with a trusted florist
Working with an experienced florist can save you a lot of time and frustration.  A professional florist can help make suggestions based on your desires, wedding theme, season and budget. When choosing a florist, make sure they are experienced with weddings, and always ask for references.